Our Services

Mobile Coffee Carts, Breakfast Carts, Snack Carts, and More!

At Executive Perks we offer a wide variety of mobile carts to meet your regular service and event needs. Have a special event or service in mind? Feel free to inquire about custom carts!

Mobile Espresso Coffee Cart:

Executive Perks is a licensed and insured catering service that comes to you with everything you need to host a cappuccino/latte bar. We provide a uniformed professional “Barista” bartender to make all the coffee drinks needed for your special occasion. We serve our specialty coffees in a large 12 oz. cup that’s sure to please any coffee lover! We prepare an attractive looking table for the food and coffee accompaniments to be displayed. We place a framed announcement with your name and your company name on it so everyone who partakes knows who is sponsoring the cart. We also provide a “sign-in” sheet so you have a record of those who attended. 

Mobile Breakfast Cart:

Let us take care of the most important meal of the day! Executive Perks can provide a variety of breakfast items such as pastries, muffins, bagels, yogurt, fruit, granola, and more to your specifications. Be sure to ask about our hot breakfast options as well. We serve only the tastiest home baked goods sure to please your office employees or event attendees. As with our coffee carts, all items will be set up in advance of your meeting or event in an attractive way, sure to entice all guests. 

Mobile Smoothie Cart:

Perfect for health clubs, offices, and athletic events! Allow Executive Perks to whip up custom smoothies with the freshest fruit and ingredients -- your guests will thoroughly enjoy a refreshing all-fruit or yogurt smoothie, be it morning or afternoon. Pair this cart with a mobile snack cart for an afternoon to remember! 

Mobile Snack Cart:

Need an afternoon pick up? Executive Perks works later in the day, too! We'll perk up your office or event with our mobile snack cart of pastries, brownies, cookies, cakes, fruit, and more! Our carts are stocked to order and menu items can be as healthy (or sinful) as you desire! Employees will be more productive in the afternoon after they refuel at our snack cart!